Pink iPhone Case

The iPhone has quickly become a world wide phenomenon.  Not only is it great functionally, but it’s also very trendy.  One other thing that it is though, is fragile, and in need of protection.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing though, because protecting your phone can also be seen as accessorizing,
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or dressing it up.  And what better way to do that then with a new pink iphone case?

There are many types and variations of iPhone cases, but few make the statement that a pink iPhone case does.  With so many people having an iPhone nowadays, you really want your to stand out, and a pink iPhone case is just the way to do it.  But there are so many choices for pink iPhone cases.  Vendors all around the world are making iPhone cases nowadays since they sell so fast, how do you sort them all out and find the right case for you, at the right price?

Here on this site we will help you find a good pink iPhone case.  Whether you’re looking for a cheap iPhone case, or if you’re looking to spend some cash and get a really nice case, if a pink iPhone case is what you want, we will help you find it.  Also be sure to check back often to see if we have any new deals, coupons, or reviews available for you.  When shopping for your pink iPhone case it is important not to overspend.  If you walk into an at&t store and buy a pink iPhone case off the shelf there then you are going to overpay.  You will likely end up paying $30 or more for a cheap, plastic case that will break in a few days.  By using us as a resource we can either help you find that same pink iPhone case for a couple bucks, or if you’re looking to spend more we will help you find a much better case for that money.

There are many variations of pink iPhone cases.  You can get a light pink case, dark pink, or even hot pink.  Further, you can go with a plain case that just happens to be colored pink, or you can get a case that is sassed up with beads or gems, or even fabric. With the huge popularity of the iPhone, tons of vendors are making iPhone cases now so your options are nearly limitless.  We’ll help you sort it out and find the perfect pink iPhone case, just have a look around.

OtterBox Defender

The OtterBox Defender is the best selling pink iPhone case of this generation, and for good reason.  The Defender has actually been replace by the Commuter TL line, but the Defender can still hold its own to this day.

Three Layers of Protection

One of the big selling points of the Defender pink iPhone case is its three marquee three layers of protection.  The first layer is a clear membrane that protects the phone against small particles like dust and dirt, as well as surface scratches and the like.  The second layer is a thicker polycarbonate coating that protects the phone against larger impacts and pressures that would otherwise damage it.  Finally, the third layer is made of silicon of uses a special technology to stay in place without slipping.  The layer provides more protection against impacts and shock to make sure your phone stays safe.


The Defender case provides access to every button and port on your iPhone.  The home, volume, mute, and power buttons are all accessible, as are the headphone jack, speaker, and charging port.  One of the really cool features of the Defender is that the first layer, the thin membrane, actually covers the screen as well.  This way, it is one of the few cases that actually protects the screen, but at the same time it does not restrict the use of the screen in any way.


We were very please with our time with the Defender pink iPhone case.  The case keeps the iPhone nice and slim, while at the same time offering great protection.  We dropped it a few times (on purpose, I swear), and no damage was done to the phone.  The screen protector did not affect the use of the phone in any way.  Our one complaint is that the case’s texture is a little “sticky”, which is great for gripping the phone and making sure it doesn’t stick, but it did make it a bit of a pain to store in our pocket.

One thing to note is that the shade of pink on this case is a bit different than most other pink iPhone cases.  It is a light pink, almost pastel, whereas most of the other pink iPhone cases we’ve tested have been a bright, extravagant pink.  If you’re looking for a pink iPhone case that doesn’t overdo it, this is a good choice.

The case also comes with a belt clip and a stand, which is pretty cool and can be surprisingly useful as well.

Final Word

The Defender is the best selling pink iPhone case for a reason.  It has great features, at a great price, and does a great job protecting the iPhone.  We still prefer its successor, the Commuter TL, but if a lighter pink color is what you’re going for then the defender is a great option.

Speck Products Pixel Skin Case

The Speck Products Pixel Skin case is one of the best selling pink iPhone cases.  It may not have the long laundry list of features and layers that the Otterbox Commuter TL we reviewed a few days ago, but it is still a very impressive case, and it’s available in that beautiful bright pink color that you know you love.

The Feel

The case features a soft, rubber finish that feels good in your hands.  It also has the advantage of being very easy to grip, your iPhone is not going to slip out of your hands with this case on it.  The rubber is laid out in a raised checkerboard pattern, with thicker pieces of the rubber protruding up higher off the surface for added grip.

This does have a few disadvantages, however.  The first is that the soft grip on the case makes it very difficult to pull in and out of your pocket.  It doesn’t slide in and out like the iphone does when it doesn’t have a case on it, but rather is easily caught on the inside of your pocket, which can lead to frustration.  This case could have really benefited from the polycarbonate center piece that the Commuter TL sports.

The case, even being just one layer, is rather bulky.  This won’t help you get it in and out of your pocket, and it also feels bulky in your hands.  One of the advantages of the case is that it still leaves you access to all of the buttons and ports on the iPhone, but the bulkiness of the case makes those buttons and ports difficult to get to even though technically they can be accessed.  There is also no screen protector with this case, so you will need to purchase that separately.


There are many good things about the case as well, however.  As we mentioned earlier, the texture of it is very comfortable both to hold in your hand and up to your ear.  Also, the case has some extra padding around the corners where it is most likely to land if it falls, and in general the case protects the iPhone very well.  We put it through its paces by dropping our iPhone on the asphalt several times and the Speck Products Pixel Skin case protected it from any damage.

The Verdict

We didn’t like the case enough to replace the Commuter TL as our pink iPhone case of choice, but the Speck Products Pixel Skin case is a bit cheaper, and is still a good choice if you’re looking for a pink iPhone case.

OtterBox Commuter TL

The OtterBox Commuter TL is probably the most popular pink iPhone case out there. OtterBox has two very popular lines of cases, including the Defender line and the Impact line. The Commuter TL is kind of a mish-mash of those, combining the best aspects of both to form one super case, which is available in a beautiful pink color.

How is different?

While similar to the Defender and Impact cases that it replaces, one major difference in the Commuter TL is that it moves the silicon casing from the outside of the case to the inside, and moves the hard plastic shell from the inside to the outside.  Really, it’s kind of the opposite of the other two in this respect, though it uses the same materials.

On top of the outer plastic shell there is another piece of silicon for added protection, and then on top of that a polycarbonate center.  That’s right, you get four layers of protection, all without making the iphone feel excessively thick or bulky.

What does it protect?

The Otterbox Commuter TL pink iPhone case doesn’t only protect the body of the phone.  That extra piece of silicon helps give added protection to the oft scuffed corners of the iPhone, and the Commuter TL case also includes a built-in screen protector, which is a great bonus since many cases still leave the iPhone’s screen exposed.

What’s so great about it?

Aside from the added protection, the Otterbox Commuter TL has many advantages to other pink iPhone cases.  Remember that extra layer of polycarbonate on the outside?  What you may not realize upon seeing that is just how convenient it is.  That surface is nice and slick against fabric, so that it slides easily in and out of your pocket.  If you’ve used other cases before, especially ones with external silicon casing, you know that it can make the iPhone difficult to get in and out of your pocket.  That annoyance is now gone, as the Commuter TL pink iPhone case slides in and out of your pocket with ease.  That outer silicon layer is also nice and textured to give added protection.

One of the best featurs of the Commuter TL though is that it does not obstruct any of the iPhone’s buttons or ports.  The home button, volume buttons, mute switch, and power button are all easily accessible.  Further, the dock port and headphone jack are covered by silicon flaps, meaning that they’re not only easily accessible, but also are protected from dust when not in use.  The lens for the camera is also completely unobstructed, so unlike with some pink iPhone cases you will still be able to snap photos without having to take your iPhone out of its case.

We also found the case extremely easy to grip, which is a remarkable given how easily the phone slips out of your pocket.  The outer silicon layer has little ovals engraved in it that aid with grip, and since the hard surface that aids in pocket removal does not protrude to the edge of the case, it does not make the iPhone case slippery when you are holding it in your hand.

All in all, the OtterBox Commuter TL pink iPhone case is one of our favorite pink iPhone cases.  It is available on Amazon for the reasonable price of $20.99.